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Mexico Duck Hunting Trip Details at Pintail Lodge

The climate can change throughout the day; many days will start out cool and damp in the early morning and end up warm and dry in the afternoon. Temperatures can vary from 40 to 70 plus degrees. We strongly recommend coming prepared for any combination as you can experience all of the above in any given day.

What to Bring

  • RAINGEAR Camouflage, jacket and pants, will help keep you warm & dry.
  • WADERS Hip boots will do for most conditions.
  • HUNTING BOOTS Good, comfortable pair of boots, be sure to have boots broken in before the hunt.
  • CAMP SHOES To relax in after your hunt, during dinner or around the fire pit.
  • PANTS Camo for duck hunts, brush pants for quail or dove hunts and a pair of jeans.
  • SHIRTS 2 Long sleeves, 2 short sleeves, a couple of Tshirts and a Tneck.
  • SWEATER/FLEECE For warmth under jacket or out at the campfire.
  • SHORTS/SWIM TRUNKS Enjoy our hot tub or lounge in the sun after an early am duck hunt.
  • SNAKEPROOF CHAPS or BOOTS are recommended but not absolutely necessary.
  • SUNGLASSES and/or eye protection
  • PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP Please be sure that everyone in your party has proper identification to obtain the tourist papers required by the Mexican Government. They will require one of the following proofs of citizenship: Copy of birth certificate, Passport, Current drivers license
  • CAMERA and plenty of extra film.


  • Shotgun If you are planning on bringing your own gun, call us for appropriate paperwork. A lockable hard case is required for all commercial airlines.

Additional Information


You will receive your Mexico hunting license and related documents when you reach the lodge. A representative from Pintail Lodge will meet you upon arrival and assist you in clearing customs. For those traveling via air charter, we will deliver your paperwork to the charter service prior to your arrival and they will clear you through customs at the airport. Remember to have the original proof of citizenship that you listed on your application in your possession.


Your guest and dining rooms are clean, comfortable and airconditioned. All lodges have excellent chefs, maid service, large dining rooms, gift shops, satellite television and separate bar for your enjoyment. Each guest room includes a separate bath for your privacy. You will not need special adapters for your personal electric appliances. We have bottled spring water for drinking and the ice is perfectly safe to use in drinks. Please do not drink the tap water, we recommend using bottled water when brushing teeth.
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