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Pintail Lodge: Mexico duck, dove, goose hunts

Pintails coming off the waterPintail Lodge on the Laguna Madre is winter home to over 3 million diver and puddle ducks.  At Pintail Lodge it's common to see flight after flight of thousands of ducks and geese stretching across the horizon as far as the eye can see.

Mexico's east coast is the most unbelievable goose and Mexico duck hunting area in the northern hemisphere. The weather is gorgeous, the limits generous and the Pintail Lodge is first class. When the ducks lock their wings and start pitching into the decoys, then you really know why you're here.


Pintail Lodge is not currently booking hunts.

Unfortunately, Gage Outdoor Expeditions has been unable to offer hunting at Pintail Lodge due to the situation down in Mexico but we do have some great alternatives!

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Mexico Hunting Available

At Pintail Lodge, a typical hunting day begins with predawn wake-up of juice and coffe delivered to your door by one of our staff.  Breakfast-to-order in the main lodge follows, accompanied by the excited chatter from guests about their prospects for the morning.  Next, your bilingual guide greets you and ushers you to a waiting pickup truck of recent vintage, or down to the boats to hunt the famous Laguna Madre.  After the morning hunt, return to the lodge for a suptuous lunch and siesta.

 Then head back out for the afternoon action.  Weather and conditions allowing, your afternoon may offer a change of pace and a change of hunts to dove, quail or goose.  Rest assured, there's never a dull moment at Pintail Lodge.

In the evening, we welcome you back to the lodge where waiters greet you with margaritas and hors d' oeuvres.  Throughout the trip, we provide our hunters with the finest gourmet meals and top shelf beverages.  Our experienced staff strives to meet your every need.

We take into consideration not only the hunting aspects of your program but all the other amenities that ensure your experience is first-class in every regard.  Our main lodge offers plenty of space to relax and unwind; catch a game or the news via satellite TV, head outside to soak up the afternoon sun, relax in the hot tub overlooking the laguna, or kick back in front of an evening fire.

It's just a half-day's travel from most major U.S. cities, but a world apart from any other duck hunting lodge. The new Pintail Lodge sets the standard for hunting excellence. Located on the shores of Mexico's famed Laguna Madre, the Pintail Lodge offers the closest access to saltwater and freshwater hunts - just minutes from the lodge!  You will be enjoying a hot delicious breakfast while other outfitters are taking unfortunate duck hunters on long drives to get to the ducks.  After breakfast, walk down to the dock and hop on the airboat, where you will be transported to Mexico's best duck hunting.

Some of our customers have expressed concerns regarding the travel alerts being issued for Mexico.  We appreciate these concerns and have provided some information for individuals traveling to Pintail Lodge.

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